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How to make money

Hello , hello there is a site where you can make money from programming

2/20/2018 4:21:16 PM

neagu valentin

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- You could make a site like that and market whatever services you're planning to provide. - There are a LOT of freelance websites. A simple Google search will return plenty of hits. - You can go to a job site (indeed, monster, etc...) and apply for a programming position somewhere. - You can scout other sites/companies, find problems you can solve or improvements you can make, and then reach out to them about it. Sell your service to them and show them how hiring you for the job will benefit them and their company. - Make software and market it out to companies. etc.... There are really endless routes you can go with it, but it depends what you're wanting to do, how you're wanting to do it, and what you're willing to do to accomplish it. What type of programming do you plan on doing?

+2 ^Priceless resource to finding things on the web. Just go there and search your question. As my grandma use to say, if you don't have the resources, be resourceful.


start with free lancing wensites..try fiverr first


Give me a link for a freelancer website ( Im new in this )