How many of u guys here are full time programmers???

I need some ideas about how this field operates as we are only taught about the basics in our classes but I find any problem outside of the course hard to solve... is it difficult to cope in this field after graduation or is it just my imagination??? just confused with my current situation

2/19/2018 6:25:17 PM

Shrawan Chakradhar

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I wish i could get that teaching (even the basic). Are you serious? Yes, i am.Instead I am only taught about the medical terms which i don't remember clearly than the programming syntax. Different university different aim, you know. So, it will certainly be difficult to cope with after i graduate. So what? let it be difficult. Let it be hard to solve. If it is about coding (or maybe IT) , i will just try my best to fulfill my dream! Forget about your current situation, cause no one will know what you can do and who you can become after 5 or 10 years later. :)