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wasn't this supposed to be First string,second string?

2/19/2018 5:52:35 PM

Tiago Silva

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could you please show an example and tell us which language you use? As far as I know there should be no space between two concatenated strings if at least one string does not have a space at its end.


with print("First string"+","+"last string") you have no space between the strings.


what are you talking about?


@Sebastian Keßler: Your code line misses one right parenthesis at the end.


@Sebastian Keßler: Bassd scho! ;-)


print ('{}, you are {}'.format('Jan', 'right'))


So, there is a typo there


You can also try: print ('{},{}'.format(First String, Last string)


I also heard that this code I posted is 'bad' code in Python 3


the code you posted it's cleaner


what do you mean?


when concatenating strings it adds a blank space?


I thought my comment was going to appear below the question related. it's was something like "First string"+","+"last string" python