[OFF-TOPIC] Time to say goodbye....

Well it's been almost 1.5 year since I've joined, but time has come for me to leave. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the time to play challenges any longer and instead of enjoying them, they feel more like something I need to get done and there is no point in that.... I want to thank you all for challenging me and supporting me throughout that journey. It's been a real pleasure for me and I prefer to remember it as such, that is the reason I have to leave. Once more - thank you all and wish you luck! 😃

2/19/2018 4:02:26 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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@Nikolay Nachev: Live long and prosper 🖖 🐈


A truly sad occasion, but I wish you, Niko, all the best in your future endeavors. Be sure to come back soon, and don't be surprised if you're no longer at the very top! ;) Довиждане, до скоро, Нико! 🇧🇬


Probably this is the best thing you can do, when something appears to be like something that you HAVE to do rather than something that you get pleasure to do, especially if it is not your job, it's time to spend your spare time doing other things, maybe something a bit more challenging to really improve yourself as a coder. We are humans, we build anything thanks to our ability to learn, i really hope you won't stop to code, because your codes/algorithms look very professional and clean and i'm sure you can improve yourself more and more again. All the best!


Sad to hear... But good bye, wish you good luck with everything🍀 You are legendary sololearner✨🏆✨


@Nikolay sir its really nice to play challenges with you I can understand that real life is too important I'll miss you all the best and great luck for your life when you free came back for some time Good Bye 👋


@Nikolay I'm shocked! really didn't see this coming, well, I know I'm not a player, I don't even play challenges, I can't really say I'm in your circles, but I have seen your posts, and I guess I could say you are a good man, and as such, it's a loss for me too, I take you as a friend, though I only know you here in SoloLearn... I remember you once said, that there will come a time for everyone to leave, for whatever reason it may be, maybe I just wasn't expecting this so sudden. Farewell @Nikolay, farewell my friend, may God's bless be with you wherever you go, and in whatever you do, I'm sorry to hear that you feel uncomfortable in your journey recently, I hope you find peace out there, remember you have friends here in SoloLearn, always... Best regards, @Ipang


Good bye Nikolay Nachev, good luck for you, your future and all your tasks, but i hope to see you back here again 👍😉


good bye sir & come back soon


good bye and god bless you sir 💐🌹💐🌹 I hope you come back again 😊


This was unexpected. I hope we'll see each other soon within the community! In the same way luck in all your projects!


Good bye😭😭😭😭, Have a great future ahead..☺😀 //I am really shocked


@Nikolay Please Come Back Soon 😭😭😭😭 You JS Killing Machine 😞


dont go sir community need u as a boss of challenger... u are the inspiration of all sololearens ... sololearn incomplete without you.. but we should respect your decision.. good bye.. have a wonderful life.. god bless you.. come back soon sl need you..


the King is leaving the building 😔


Good bye sir and good luck in your life! I hope u back again someday


Another sad moment in Sololearn history. But I hope you come back. Good luck to your journey.


i don't even think about it you are going to abandon us leave us miss u sir 😎😎😎


Giant CONGO!!!!!!! Challenge Legend and leadSololearner ==>Nickolay Nachev* Says Good-bye! (see Above) Thankyou for showing how it's done


U r an inspiration to all Sololearners. Your codes are awesome always. Good luck @Nikolay And wishing you much joy and happiness in your life! 👍


Good Luck @Master😕😕 😢All The Best @sir😢