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Is PyAutoGUI compatible with Anaconda (Python 3.6)?

Hello everyone, I'm interested in automating my mouse with PyAutoGUI, but I'm still pretty new to Python. I'm using Anaconda and was wondering if the two are comparable and if so, how to import/instal this module. Thank you, Adrian

2/17/2018 8:19:41 PM

Adrian Tippit

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Hello everyone, So, I realize I'm actual using Spyder. To answer some of my own questions: First, thank you Vukan for the link. It looks like PyAutoGUI isn't included in the list for Anaconda, but I did find out it works with Spyder. For those using Spyder, this is how I learned to install modules . 1. Open Anaconda 2. Type: conda import xxx Where xxx is the module you want 3. Open Spyder 4. Type: Import xxx It was that easy and things were running well for me. Also, you can use Spyder's online help pain to view all of the modules that are already installed on your computer. Best Wishes, Adrian