How can i be a good female programmer?

I want to change the world.

2/14/2018 4:42:28 PM


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i think the first fits 👍😉


@ Oma Falk, you are right, in my case it doesn't fit 👍😉


you should be female you should not think too much about beibg female Think big but begin small use every day for your dream but dont forget to live Write an essay about 10 pages how exactly you wanna change the world. read it every month.


yes fishie.. nogo without that ....sorry for you (-:


Step 1: Be female Step 2: Be a good programmer


Nothing different from being a male programmer. If anyone doubts you because of your gender you can let your code slap them in the face for you.


well my goal is to be a good programmer and finish my college now but not to change the world i know it's not enough to utterly change it,im dedicated to my goal to improve myself,gain knowledge and wisdom to understand the world itself and have the chance to share it to others and in my opinion being a "female" doesn't have to do anything with it thank you 😀


1. Be a good programmer 2.doesn't matter what gender you are. I used to be dragged down just because of the fact that I am black but that stuff does not matter.


1) Coding, coding, and coding : It is very tough and the main thing of programming. With the help of coding, you can get to know the errors and handle it well and focus on improving them. It is not possible to just focus on designing as coding is very much important to produce output. Just don’t quit after solving the problem because they keep coming again and again. Read More : Best Tips For Safe java Programming 2) Go through the books : As said coding is quite difficult and both good code and the bad code has a major difference but how are you aware of it? It is not possible to understand the difference until you have come across a good code and understand why a code is particularly good. Here is where books come into the picture. 3) Explore Open Source : With respect to Google, Apache and other projects just participate in the open source code to develop your skills in programming and become a very good programmer. All you need to do is register on their mail list. Rest will be sorted out because you will dwell in the discussion between good programmers and therefore you will be able to understand problem and approach to develop the skills in you. 4) Work more on Algorithms, data structure, and design related problems : This is very much important to become a very good programmer. You can find lots of programmers are expert in algorithms, data structures, and basics. For any program the key basis is a data structure, learning more about them helps in problem-solving. Read More : http://crbtech.in/Java-Training/10-tips-become-better-programmer/


i'm usually brushing off critics and discrimination and trying to do my best as programmer, that is my way 🤗


Just like being a good male programmer?


Learn a lot. Your gender doesnt really mean anything. :)


Doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, all that really matters is trying your best!


just smile girl... that's it


that's good sha