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Feature Toggling

What patterns are available for enabling or disabling functionality based on a config file? Are there other ways you have implemented a toggle to support CI/CD that doesn’t require a config file? .NET, such as C# and VB.net are preferred for this discussion but other language input is also valuable.

2/13/2018 8:06:27 AM


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@SQrL, I'm not understanding what you mean here, what functionality are you referring to, and what's this CI/CD anyway? can you give a small example of the idea, what are your plan with toggling functionality?. Sorry I ask you rather than answering, but I need to be clear about this : )


@SQrL, I am afraid this topic is far beyond my basics knowledge, and as such I can't provide you a decent suggestion. I will still subscribe to this thread in a hope when someone with knowledgeable answer comes in I could learn something. Best of luck with this project my friend : )


Ask away my friend. Toggle = a way to install a functionality into production and have it invisible to all or most users OR be able to shut it off if doing so will prevent or minimize an impactful incident. Think of it like a circuit breaker. It’s there and can be used IF the breaker is on. 1. 1 style is:Feature installed with toggle off, and will be turned on when it is ready 2. Another style is to install it and have it in conditionally to execute a pilot. I believe Facebook does this to test if a new look will delight or upset members. 3. Install, because it works but if something starts to fail flipping the toggle may allow core system functionality to continue without other non-critical functionality. CI Continuous Integration CD Continuous Deployment Let me know if you have more questions.