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Should I keep studying JS?

Hello, I'm not a developer, actually I work in a field very far from it, but I'm interested on programming since a while. My goal is not design, I want to make applications for myself, complete application, not only design. I'm really interested in hybrid/multiplataform applications. So, should I keep studying JS? The pure JS? Thanks and sorry for the English...

11/24/2016 10:11:33 PM

Leandro Nascimento

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Javascript is very powerful language. With proper frameworks (or even without them) you are able to create miracles :D You should indeed stick with it, if your target is to make your app multiplatform one.


Well, HTML+JS is a simple way how to build a simpler applications running on many platforms (in web browser). But, JS in browser has some limits due security. For example no access to files. So maybe learn some real programming language, like java


Please, people, don't forget things like and electron or exist. JavaScript hasn't been "just the browser" for a long time now.