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Is Vue going to surpass Angular in 2018?

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2/11/2018 10:12:13 PM

James Whiting

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That is complicated to define, or at least without concrete data of the use of both technologies. Angular for me currently has against the fragmentation that is having between its versions, but there are many applications that were built in Angular and that will continue to have support at least in the medium term. I have even seen many people preaching about the virtues of Vue on other technologies such as React, but the truth is that the market is defined in those aspects. It would take a boom or a feature that gives Vue a boost (at least in the case of React) Even so, Vue for me looks nice. I've really wanted to try to make a simple application using Vue + Bulma, since I believe that the philosophy of both frameworks are similar in essence


I've been working with React for the past couple of years and AngularJS v1, Knockout, jQuery, Backbone, and others for many years before that. I haven't returned to AngularJS since versions 2 and 4 were released. I have absolutely loved everything about React from one way data binding to JSX to strong testability to virtual DOM and so much more. AngularJS left such a bad taste in my mouth, I haven't been in a hurry to check out the newer and much improved versions. All said, I am intrigued by everything I've been reading about Vue and use of HTML templates. It feels like it might run into limitations that wouldn't apply to JSX. However, the concept feels more natural to me to use native HTML. Originally, when I was learning React, the concept of embedding HTML in JSX felt dirty. I quickly overcame that when I started building applications with it. Now it feels quite natural. Anyway, I don't think Vue with replace any frameworks anytime soon. However, I should try prototyping with Vue to get a better sense of developing with HTML templates. Also, here is a really good article comparing these 3 frameworks:


I supposed that since I saw this. Bootstrap is great, but I personally prefer other frameworks for my personal projects. In this case I prefer bulma because of the nomenclature of the names (classes) and the lack of dependencies


Angular 2 felt more like an attempt to bring the framework back to life and to push the adoption of Dart


Vue and bootstrap work well together