Should I use the marquee tag?

some websites say that we should avoid using the marquee tag... can anyone please explain why???

2/10/2018 3:45:48 AM


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It's obsolete and any browsers that haven't removed it yet could at any time. It's also a no-no for sites that take user accessibility seriously.


Many are of the opinion that, if you are trying to make something beautiful, you shouldn't be using something like marquee anyways. that's all just opinion though. some people may like looking at it on a site and some may not. it's also not about what you like as a developer/designer but what will appeal to your target audience. if using something like marquee will make the user experience unpleasant for your audience then you're potentially losing views and/or money. is it really worth it?


Refer this thread ,Where one of the fellow sololearner @Maz has explained about marquee tag beautifully. The major problem with marquee tag is portability it's not interoperable https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1036328/?ref=app


To be honest, the front end dev team I work with would laugh hysterically at the thought of it. but what do they know? 😉


always, and only😁


do what feels right for you


It's such a pity that they removed the <marquee> from the new standard, now you have to make more code to do the same. Now creative Web Designers have to be also programmers instead focusing only on beautiful designing. Someone disagree?


They are apparently removing marquee from HTML5. It may not work on many browsers, so youre site will not look right on every browser. But we dont need <marquee> now with CSS or JS we can do the same thing! So thats why marquee isnt needed.


it is deprecated in HTML 5


Yes agreed, that's what changed, the target audience has become more demanding.


I am in agreement Jamie. I personally am not in favour of anything that doesn't help sell your product/views.


Marquee is very outdated. Refrain from using marquee as it may be removed at any time and some browsers dont support it.


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I highly doubt that any real web designer will ever use <marquee> there really isnt any point and nobody wants it on their page.


Marquee shouldn't be used in web designing anyway. We can easily create a class for anything we want to animate and that actually gives you more control over your element.


It was popular in 1996


today every website used HTML 5 version and <marquee> tag was in HTML 4. I also feel very sad😢


Maquee tag provides easy way to move texts but time to time it becomes outdated


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some of the web browser have removed and it looks awkward with it. 😉😉😉😉🍰