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Path to web master

hey guys i was wondering that which languages and skills do i need to learn to become a web master a person who can make anything in web sites, anything. which courses do i need to take? which languages do i need to learn ? which skills i need to learn ? only for web programming.

2/6/2018 8:23:38 PM


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Hi Kanaan, I must admit that it is the same with me! I did learn a lot with videos, too. It is like the lectures at university I attended years ago.


But there are even easy to understand books. Did you had a look into the "For Dummies"-Series?


that would be an alternative, too! :-)


Sololearn does only teach you the basics. It is a good startpoint, but to become really good, you have to read science books about your topic. Books are in most cases didactically better composed than most tutorials.


html5....css3.....javascript.... extras to know.....jquery.....php.....angular....vue....nodejs...


I use a site called for learning. They have really good video tutorials. They are affordable too. Can get most tutorials for under 20 bucks.


jan markus yea i know books are awesome sources but i have a problem and that is i get bored very easily and i can't just get my butt on a chair and sit down and read books that's how i am , so i found out videos work way more better for me to learn they're fun and dynamic so that's why i use youtube alot for learning


and now I'm deffinitly going to use too but here's the thing, if i could just get an app like audioable (if im not wrong with the dictation ) to read me those books that would be awesome so if you know any site with this ability that they have web designing books just let me know buddy.


exactly jan like someone else have learned something and they teach you them with even easier ways but some books are just , uh god so hard to get involved with.


yea exactly


yea they are good but i didn't know they have web programming books too i only used the math version of them


what is vue and nodejs ?


and how do i get really good at these languages beside practicing? does sololearn teach everything about them ?


mr miller i know about i actually was going to ask about it so now i know it's good and affordable, thanks for your help man