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Arduino/raspberry pi programming

Hello! I was wondering if anyone looking at this has some tips for writing programs for the raspberry pi or the arduino? I need this for a project. Thanks 🙏🏾🙏🏾

2/6/2018 4:24:28 PM


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Oh, I suppose that I am not the expert in this topic. But you could read the free monthly MagPi-magazine of the Raspberry Pi foundation. You can find the issues here: There are sometimes presentations of devices which were built by users. Perhaps you can get some inspiration from there.


Could you please tell us something about your project, because I don't think you will build a rocket and fly to the moon. ;-)


the easiest implementation (for me) for Raspberry pi is using pyserial and Firmata firmware to control Arduino boards via serial protocol. in this way you do not need to progtam the Arduino but you can adapt your python script to your needs.


@Jan Markus this will sound funny but it’s an autonomous device that will roam your lawn and spray weed killer on weeds (an automatic weed killer basically) 😅


So you will require... 1. Motion control 2. Navigation. 3. Robot vision. 4. Some kind of AI that can distinguish a weed from other plants. Something I have trouble doing when they are small, I'm no gardener. 5. Safety systems so that the bot does not spray weedkiller onto humans or animals. 6. Weed killer dispensing system. 7. Supervisory and control systems, to monitor power, fluid levels etc. Shouldn't be too difficult then.