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Copyright and Programs Written And Posted On SoloLearn

If someone uses multiple lines of dialogue from a game, movie, etc. in their program, and they post it on SoloLearn, would it be considered copyright infringement? Also, do you have the rights to programs that you write and post in SoloLearn?

2/6/2018 2:28:41 AM


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At first, I will mention that what I state now are thoughts of me as a layman in the field of jurisdiction: If there are parts of text which other people had written in a copyrighted material are being found in your codes at SoloLearn, this I would rate in the general case as unproblematic, because the aim of SoloLearn could be classified as "educational". The emphasis of SoloLearn is to bring people together to learn coding and not to publish content. I think you should see this of the same tenor as a school or university. The only thing where I see legal problems concerning copyright infringement is the field of posting download links to pdf-files of technical books if they are not said to be public domain by the author himself. It is nice that sololearn-members give suggestions which books you could read to learn a certain topic. But it is not right to put download links of clearly copyrighted material e.g. in an HTML-file in the Code-Playground-section as I have seen at some profiles.


it would probably be considered copyright infringement. however it's highly unlikely that they'll care. it can be fair use if you make a comment on it (like a review or parody) or display it for educational purposes. even more confusing, most users will live somewhere different and the laws will apply differently. with the USA system, every code you write is owned by you. however it is a grey area (An unknown) how copyright applies to code that isn't a complete copy, but has identical code in some places. It's being determined in a Google vs Oracle (java) case where Google used java for their android os.