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Normal Posts Without Any Bad Content Disappear ?

Some Of My Posts That Doesn't Have Any Bad Content Disappeared But Why ?

2/5/2018 6:24:56 PM


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It is surprising how people think upvotes would justify the existence of any form of material on here. From what I see, people upvote for the sole reason of upvoting, and some even do so to be upvoted back (similar to how follow is abused in the past). It is hence, irrelevant to the nature of the content posted. In spite of the odds of you actually reading these, I advise you to review the guidelines and think about how many of your posts actually adhere to what is written in it. If it wasn't for the leeway SoloLearn provided to all its members, half of the posts here would not exist to begin with. As @Jakub Marley pointed out, if you are dissatisfied with the removal of your content, feel free to contact SoloLearn, and be prepared to justify why you think your content should have continued to exist in Q&A.


I reported this now I'm waiting for a reply


@Jakob Thanks For The Answer 😃


@Hasty Rei That's weird 😕 but thanks for the answer 😃


@Jakob it wasn't a spam it was about to on sololearn and it was upvoted


If it was upvoted, then I've no idea why it would have disappeared. It usually has to be something really bad for the admins to manually remove it. You may wish to submit an email to SoloLearn about the bug. "Feel free to send all feedback to [email protected] We take our users’ feedback very seriously, and make every effort to thoroughly consider every email, review, or question sent."


@warlord I was looking for you.To ask few questions.


Was it spam? If it was getting down-voted, then that may be why it disappeared. I forget the exact number, but I think 7+ down-votes will automatically remove the thread.