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Costruct a 3x3 matrix by getting values for first row and first column as input and remaining elements using following rule Value of an element is the multiplication product of its adjacent elements ie top and left Mij = Mi(j-1) * M(i-1)J E.g 9 3 5 4 12 60 2 24 1440

2/3/2018 3:59:23 PM

karikalan adhi

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1) initialize a 2d array [3][3] 2)assign values to arr [0][] using a loop 3)assign value to arr [][0] using aloop 3)now,its time to assign value to all other elements 4)run two loops 1 for rows & 1 for columns inside that for (int a=1;a <3;a++) for (int b=1;b <3;b++) arr [a][b]=arr [a][b-1]*arr [a-1][b]; //hope it helps


i don't know python , u hv to convert the above code & idea into a python code by yourself only


Any one tell me how to write program for above question?


Thanks gaurav Can you tell me in python language


Thanks bro