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smartphone without updates. how?

2/2/2018 10:35:02 AM

Masaitsiaq Jensen

6 Answers

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hehehe good one. :) but I'm annoying annoyingly the updates.


Smartphone should be call stupidphones. smartphone don't need an updates. :p


1. Put down smartphone. 2. Never touch it again. There will always be updates.


They do though because of the "smart" -- iOS and Android are each a miniature Linux or Unix OS that are at risk of being infected with malware and being able to keylog you, hijack your web connection, etc just as can be done on a PC. If you're using Android you can try rooting and installing a version of ClockworkMod to take control -- you'll be able to remove bloatware, won't get manufacturer updates, and can still use the Play Store to get your apps and keep them updated. CM versions of Android also tend to get some security fixes faster than Google's Android because of the CM team. On iOS rooting (jailbreaking) is far more difficult and is based on the version of iOS that's currently installed. IDK about the custom OS versions or their security/updates/etc though as I've never had an iOS device long enough to jailbreak it.


Maybe all cellphones should have birth certificate, like humans... :p


teslas 17 equations could do... maybe... same method.