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How make large programs ?!

we all know the basic of a language for example c# but why we cant make a real programs?! and even if we saw some lessons in youtub we find small and easy programs with GUI with some methods but the question is how you can be a real programmer can make a large projects and from when you can find all functions of c# to learn ?

2/2/2018 9:39:51 AM

Hossam Hassan

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Large programs won't be taught anywhere. We should write them based on what we learnt from small programs. Just like we use words to write sentences, we should use small programs to write large programs. You can learn advanced C# from the official documentation or from any of the multiple programming YouTube channels.


There are no large programs! There are only small programs like classes, that are connected (-:


krishna Yeia Yeluripati


Learn the concept of Object Oriented Programming.


it depends on what you want your code to do...


krishna Yeia Yeluripati can u tell me your name in facebok ?