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OFF-Topic : Have you ever faced difficulty between exams and Sololearn

OFF-Topic : I wanna know that i am a 9th class student and my final exams are coming after two weeks. I am facing many problems as i love Sololearn and i love to spend time on Sololearn but my final exams are coming so i also have to study. When i sit to do study my mind is diverted towards Sololearn and i am not able to focus on my studies and concentrate on it. Please post your suggestions. Your suggestions are very much helpful to me.

2/1/2018 1:00:26 PM


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for that time , uninstall & after exam install for some time & again uninstall


If you feel SoloLearn is distracting you from your priorities IRL, and you can't handle it, that's not love. That's just obsession. True love for a community is about holding yourself to a set of proper practices, not to disappoint your peers by succumbing to a lack of discipline. Your values determine who you are; It is also directly proportional to how much it weighs when you say you love SoloLearn. You can lock your phone away, or just hack it with an axe, but no form of barricading would be as effective as understanding how to love SoloLearn, as changing the mentality that you have to be on SoloLearn all day to love it. Love yourself, because you are part of the community. Hold yourself as high as you hold SoloLearn.


Solo learn is addictive


If your exam is around the corner, focus on your studies than spending your time in challenges 😉


sololearn help to make better and exam tell what u learn form sololearn.. both are important.. u have to deal with which very important ... i think sl always for u but exam and this time never wait for u.. u know what i mean.. ☺ #good_Luck


Don't waste your school fees. Sololearn is free, you can always resume later. Focus on your exams bro