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Why don’t we have a message option, or am I just missing this feature?

1/31/2018 8:46:50 PM

Sam Hughlett

5 Answers

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Messaging is currently not (if it ever will be) an option on SoloLearn. However, we do have a Discord where you can chat directly with others! https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/689391/?ref=app


Messaging prompts questions which in turn promote education and growth. Seems like a good option to have. At the minimum a be able to truly @ someone. Discord is just another app when you consider more then 60% of the apps on phones don’t actually get used why force someone to download another app.


Send feedback!


Thank you. I have sent feedback. We shall see how this goes I also submitted a bug... eek


Yeah, the 3 dots in the top right corner have a feedback option where you can send your feedback to SoloLearn.