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[Offtopic] State your tech

As we all know SL is mostly mobile-based and perhaps most of the time all of us use the app (although I occasionally log in to the website for courses). I was wondering what is your "significant other" in terms of mobile devices. I recently retired my old Xiaomi Mi2S and got a Redmi Note 4X instead (running the Android-based MIUI 9).

1/30/2018 10:44:34 PM

Plamen Hristozov

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I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for four years but it got broken 1 month ago. It got very hot when being connected to mobile networks and the display did get strange colours and stripes in the end. Now I have got a Samsung Galaxy S8. It is a pity that new Smartphones with changeable batteries are hard to find on the market. My S4 needed a new battery after some 2 years. I am curious, how the performance of the battery of my S8 will develop by the course of time, because the S8 has a built in battery and it is not possible to change it by yourself. This is a job for a professional service center.


I personally use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I personally like the Android operating system more than Apple's (because those are my 2 best options as of now) mainly because it is more open to customization and software development and it has a built in file storage system which allows you to download things off the internet and securely store things for later. I fell that Apple's iOS is very limiting for developers and is a little too simple for what I need.