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How Levels Work

I am curious because yesterday it said I was level 5, and today it says I am level 4. I would love to know how I lost an entire level while advancing in the course?

1/30/2018 7:39:15 AM


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u r on level 5 today //!level4


You are definitely level 5. Almost 6 now. Maybe when you level up it will sort itself out? If not you could always email Sololearn -> [email protected]


maybe you lose some challenges and then lose xps...


I do not currently have access to a pc, but if this is the behaviour and you are able to reproduce it. I would recommend that you email a description of this problem and the steps you took to produce it to [email protected] If you include your browser and system details it may assist them. I am unsure, but it can not hurt. Good luck and happy coding!


Hi mark! I am sorry to hear that. Can I ask, since you have asked for no one to post in your last thread, what exactly you did not understand in the lesson? I have provided an explanation of how I understand the concept of operator overloading below, Let me know if this is helpful to you or not. Disclaimer: I haven't actually done the python course yet If I may ask, do you have a firm grasp of the concept of object orientated programming? Because that is an important subject in being able to understand this following section Which I assume is, the Magic Methods and operator overloading section. Which can be found here: Magic methods section explains how you to do what is called operator overloading. Operator overloading allows you the overload/override the built in functions which are usually restricted to certain data types and use them with your own custom objects. Examples of these operators are things like adding, subtracting, division, multiplication etc. This can be useful in many situations in your programs ranging from Ammo management in a 3D shooter to Zebras in a zoo sim. You can overload many built in operators in python and you should find the most common listed in the lesson. I hope this helps


Self answer: Apparently it work something similar to this. And it appears to be a web site issue and not the app. Or I just can't navigate the app well enough to produce it there. If you are at you root profile, it show correctly. But most time when you navigate to your profile it has your current course selected. When a course is selected, it acts as if that is the only course you have experience in. Thus, a lower level than you actually are. Of the many ways to navigate to the profile, the only way to show correct leveling is by clicking the profile link in the main nav bar. That nav bar not always being present. It works by navigating to the wrong profile path, then the nav bar appears so you can navigate to the correct profile path.


Thanks for replying. I have not done any challenges. I have only done the courses.


That just adds to the confusion. Yesterday it tells me I am L5 Today it tells me I am L4 and it tells you I am L5? I don't get it. It must be a glitch or something.


@jay I will let you do it. I got stuck in the python course at 75%. Asking for help here was apparently a huge mistake. Where people are more interested in giving bad answers for votes is not at all helpful to learning python. I f I were to email them, would be about putting the emphasis on learning instead of who can build the most followers for the most votes for bad answers. I am moving on to another web site that does not get me stuck and where learning is the priority rather than how many followers and votes you can get. Thanks for your help. Best of luck!