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Imagine Cup 2018 by Microsoft.

Users on SoloLearn can use this great chance to develop their dream projects. Microsoft is conducting Imagine Cup to support projects. Submit your ideas. All the best. The last date for application is 31st august, 2018.

1/27/2018 3:14:11 PM

Chintalacheruvu Sravanth Kumar

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Ok...I see!!it is a great opportunity...I'll try to be one from my country in the party for this year...who know?maybe this year is mine?😊so,thank yu for sharing Mr Kumar!


Thanks for sharing ☺☺


👀👍thank yu.


please Mr Chintalacheruvu where it will not be valid?here is my question😊.thank you.


Thanks for sharing :)



Hans Larry Mba Bekale, It's a "global competition" conducted every year by Microsoft. This program is open to all the countries over the globe.


thanks bro


Jorvis, It's valid for India too. But, the applications are closed. Deadline : 31st January, 2018.


All the very best Hans Larry Mba Bekale


will it be valid for India?