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input box

the default text in the input box says : "Split multiple inputs into separate lines" How do I change that

1/27/2018 2:07:34 PM

Edwin Baker

9 Answers

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You cannot change. If you want to change please tell Sololearn. [email protected]


Please use another online compiler.


Yes. You can downloaded.


You can't. SoloLearn doesn't provide a live console. You have to feed all input to the compiler prior to code execution.


Ya thats a s**pid idea of Sololearn. Its better if users can input line by line when run the code😕✌🏻


what about a offline compiler... i have downloaded python on my pc... could i use it there


I want to ask them to put in their name... how do i do that


so what programming language can i have a live console


thanks so much man, first time using solo learn