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What's the basic requirements for making a game?

Do you have to be an expert programmer?

1/26/2018 6:11:16 AM


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There's a lot of games out there. Care to narrow the field down a bit? 😏


Basically: Pick a platform Pick a language Make a plan (flowchart, error states) Start coding


Sounds like you have the language picked. Now you have to plan out the logic of the game: Characters, abilities, stages, etc. Don't forget the exception handling!


On here no. Outside of here, it depends really what platform you are targeting. If this is for mobile (Android, iOS) for example, you can. Will be harder on PC or something else.


A simple 2d endless adventure.


Requirements: Know language; Idea for the game;


We are trying to use Unity using C#.


Everything is set. Can we make money out of it?


Thank you mate.