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Java question from a noob

I'm a designer and I design + develop websites, venturing in the world of Java so excuse my dumb question(s). I can't get my head around what JDK. JRE and JVM is. I've read various stuff online but I'm still hazy on the whole thing. Can someone explain it in laymans terms

11/20/2016 5:03:13 PM

Fatma Shareef

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JDK - Java Development Kit is what enables you to compile your Java programs, i.e. make them into an executable application. JRE - Java Runtime Environment, its a program on the computer that runs your executable application you made. JVM - it's the core thing that enables the JRE to run your executables.


JVM = Java Virtual Maschine i guess.


Thankyou so much 👍👍👍