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Know your National Flag

Display the national flag of your country and some information about it in a way as simple as possible. Let's see what some creative sololearn coders show up ☺️ Refer this

1/24/2018 4:24:47 PM

⛎Ⓜ️ €⚡♓

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@utkarsh nice 👍


@ace hey I don't think it's the same challenge question. please read the question and understand. First thing's not a challenge at all Second thing, u have mentioned in your challenge that it should be ascii code without the use of html css etc kindly note this and reply your view about it


@ace please let me know who has the authority to edit the post of others apart from the one who has posted it as the title of this post had been edited as duplicate


Happy Republic Day!! check it once, ✅✅👍👍✅✅


@Umesh I didn't say it was a duplicate. I was posting a related thread. If I were to call it a duplicate, I would say so


Any gold moderator can edit your threads.


check this out



lovely India


India ❤👌✌


german flag: