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Bug in SoloLearn

I've found a bug in Sololearn. A few minutes ago I got the "Gaining Experience" bage (win 50 challenges) again for the second time. Is it a bug or just a gift?

1/23/2018 6:35:24 PM


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Very interesting, I did not see this bug before😊 Gift😄 Have you used new challenge weapon? Usually, we only got XP for achievements with each new weapon. Probably, now we will get badges too, even if we already have them... You can submit feedback via the in-app feedback feature or send your question directly to SoloLearn at [email protected]


@Robert, cool surprise😄 Btw, you are not only one who got this gift. If this continues, then it may mean new feature, we'll see.


Deepak Gautam yeah, 100 XP.


NezhnyjVampir I got for the first time this bage when I was using HTML challenges. Then, when using JS challenges I didn' get anything. And suddenly it has happened with PHP today. What a surprise! I seems they had appended this feature special for us.


Armen Vardanyan yeah, I have also seen this delirium and I think something in this platform is wrong.


Yeah, I got it twice. The same bage twice.


But did you obtain extra XP for each of them?


Badge is only once, I think, but the bonus is for every weapon (language), separately.


Well, it's not a bug. Sololearn has a language wise badge system and the badges can be seen only from SL website. It means you can achieve same badges multiple times for different languages. Even there are such badges (i.e "halfway",, "flawless") you've probably never seen before in the app.


The badge should only be won once. You can get the XP for each language


And I think this bug will have effect on some of the motivated students that came to learn the basics.


Yeah. Well it's natural. All apps will get a bug someday.


I think you're right Robert. You will see the bug when you look up in Armenia's leaderboard the week section and there will be a profile named [TEST]. Click on it. You will see some badges that he/she got it without effort.


I've got 3 unbeatable badges for cpp, python and html


yep @ robert


@Robert 🤐 so that Sololearn won't become aware and stop this *feature* 😁