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Bitcoin falls?

Bitcoin falls? Will it be replaced by a new real means of payment?

1/22/2018 3:53:09 PM

Vladimir Prokhorenko

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Yep, you're right, bitcoin was created by programmers. But it doesn't mean that programmers know if something is going to happen with it. The price of bitcoin depends on demand. Here are predictions about cryptocurrencies in 2018:


I think that it would be better to ask this question at specialized forums ;)


@Igor Makarsky I thought that bitcoin created programmers ;-)


@Igor Makarsky Thank you for this information


I think Bitcoin is fail. But cryptocurrencies will be get a new stage. what is the next stage ? the new crytocurrencies will be a link with assets (as example). Then, when you bought a crytocurrency ABC, you are getting percent of assets of Google, Microsoft and Apple.


Yes BTC will fall, there are many other Krypto currency's which are way more better than BTC, for example RIPPEL or Etherium and many more. The success of a Krypto currency is the system behind it, if there is a better system, company's will invest in it and there are and there will be better systems.