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How to take data from Arduino serial monitor using

I have to take RFID data in my MVC project and then I have to store in sql server

1/22/2018 11:12:02 AM

pranav kela

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This is not as straightforward as you may think. runs on a remote server while the Arduino is connected to a local machine. You have three options. 1. Write a program that talks to your arduino over the serial monitor and sends the data to the server. 2. Fit a wifi or ethernet shield to the arduino and send the data directly to the sever. 3. Use a Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) connection to the server over the Arduino's serial port. The easiest way to send the data would be to mimic a form submission using get e.g. If you need something more secure then send the data in the http request as per the form post method.


How is the data being sent from the Arduino? I would use a POST from my Arduino and then format the data into a SQL Append statement on my SQL Server.