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So I've "completed" java, what next?

Like I said, I've now completed the java course (yay!) But I still don't have the foggiest idea on how I would create an android app (even something very basic e.g. check if a users age is odd or even). I can write the code for this but that doesn't equal to having an app. So my question is what's my next step and can it be done through SoloLearn?

1/21/2018 3:23:34 PM


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SoloLearn leaves a lot of specific details out, so you will need some more resources. I don’t know much about Android development, but here are some resources: And for just games in general:


Practice coding the stuff you have learned over and over again ☺


@D_Stark I absolutely will do that but the problem I have is, I don't know my next step, as in I can probably code a very basic app but that doesn't make an app. The code (I think) is the mechanics of it but how do I put the skin over it so to speak?


I'm currently using SoloLearn to stay ahead of hackerrank's 30 days of code which is a little tougher for a newb like me. If you're really serious about learning you should probably pick up a physical or PDF copy of something like Java A Beginners Guide 6/7th Edition, way more thorough stuff.