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Why sololearn is bad for learning

Hi, I know i will get downvoted but I'm honest here and helping the newcomers. First, Sololearn is grate on teaching the language. That's it. Sololearn doesn't give you examples from the real life of what you are learning. The idea of the questions is pretty nice. But its not working. Theres two types of questions: 1. The easy questions that everybody in the comments complain on why the questions is easy or making jokes that are repeating there self every ducking time. (Continue below in the comments)

1/20/2018 8:11:25 PM


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2. The hard question that the *Smart Guys* come and give the answers so you don't learn anything or they give you a long and not understandable explanation. BUT! Sololearn is good because it has code play ground and nice people in the Q&A. Sololearn can be improved by doing two simple things: 1. Better questions and none Q&A in the question. 2. Rewrite the lessons and giving a better explanations on things you learn. Also it will be nice if you learn something and lets say in the lesson there's a keyword named: String, If you press it it will send you to the lesson about strings. I'm ready for the downvotes...


the flashcard style is what I think is holding it back. the teaching should be more dynamic. otherwise I disagree, you may say smart guys give non understandable awnsers but the most common questions have tons of awnsers, they just need to search for it. code playground provides the "real" situations, since you can do projects in it.


honestly sololearn isn't that bad. learning these skills requires dedication and commitment. if your not willing to put forth the effort.... there is no learning program for you


It's good to pick up pace for a weakling, which is why it should exist


It's the best learning app o. the playstore


Sololearn is good for beginners. That is why I love it๐Ÿ˜‰


Sometimes, Sololearn is laggy and has bugs. ๐Ÿ˜ซ


The quizzes after the lessons are nearly always cued recall, which is not good for really learning it, because you can not recall it very good. I often can put in the answers just by guessing. Its always better to have to deal with it actively to really learn it. But Sololearn does not force you to do so. Thats the biggest weakness in my opinion. My ideas to improve that: Some kind of card learning system that makes you rate how hard the answer is and it depends on that rating how often a task shows up. It could be integrated as feat for more XP for example or to get to the next topic in a tutorial(so that not only the last topic but all the topics get repeated before one can continue). Make the tasks harder! Let us type in whole bits of code instead of just filling in. I deal with the problem by summarizing everything in a document and creating examples when I feel I need them to really learn sth. This works great for me and I really love the app!


I think the problem is, it doesn't touch anything advance just the basics... instead they want to keep adding languages which also only have basic lessons. Like C, instead they should have added more lessons to the Java cource (example), which is short compared to the others also, it does give you real world examples, either in comments or in the lesson itself, especially with OOP. what course did you take? it's great for beginners or basic refreshers and yah, the questions suck. in the lessons atleast they are way to easy. challenges are terrible and rely on math basically


good on learning language


@Ahri I think the flash card style is perfect, brings learners in quicker, much better than traditional style. And better than learning from documentation as long as it is better than oracle/java documentation, its perfect


Neewbie here, I like the gamification/ease part, as it keeps me coming back everyday and learn little pieces of programming language, which I would need to revise later on for sure. But the fact that I am exposed once already would make it easier to understand if i see the code/notion again.


Taking away comments from lessons would be a HUGE mistake! just more lessons, as well as more clear lessons would be better I also think, the challenges shouldn't be user made, and not coder vs coder


@ guy shefer I think you are right that the questions should get better, but I dont think the lessons are that bad. I think they do what they are supposed to and the comment section often has good additional content.


its best app to learn programming


sometimes sololearn has bugs like when i check my profile lately , it shows me that i have no progress on the course (python 3 ) but it showed me that i had 418 XP when actually i had 189 XP.


books are more helpful for me than meddling with basic code learning apps like sololearn. i like the concept and i took notes to keep trackof my progress but theres some lacking here that affects my learning and interest in continuing to learn code.


I dont like it, i prefer learning on my own or from tutorials online where im not forced to memorize things or do stupid challenges that are way above my level. If you are a problem solving fanatic then this app is great for you. If you plan on using programming to build or create something get off of here and go get a book or get a tutor or even watch youtube videos online, its way better than just learning temporary info. TL,DR: if you are learning programming for problem solving then this app is great, otherwise this is a waste of time.


@Brains Yes but look why it doesn't.