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m a new member, what should i do to learn please ?

1/18/2018 4:37:54 PM


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@Amine Welcome to the new social media!! Forget Facebook,Instagram and Twitter from today!


Welcome to Sololearn, have fun with coding 👍😉


//welcome 2 SL☺ SoloLearn FAQ Tips for Beginners


Welcome. read my advices 😉


@Jacob I too am not a fan of python. But I thought to give it a try After I went through the course here I started getting my head heavy lists,tuples,dictionaries,(-one thing more I forget the name of-) all doing the same thing and all that substitute for that cute little array we use in C/C++? But the only thing I sometimes like in python is that it is too quick to implement your logic...i.e it reduces the lines of code....


@Jacob Can you please tell me why never python? As far as I have heard it is quite a popular language (Mostly used by Google and in AI and all that stuff)


@Saurabh yes tuples serve you as arrays do except that they are immutable(can't be edited)


Do you want web development or app development? Web: Start with HTML, then CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and PHP. Also SQL for databases. App: Ruby Java C# C++ C Never: Python


@Infinity It’s only popular because of a large standard library and easy to read code. C++ offers the same benefits (after you get used to reading it) plus it is not absurdly and unnecessary slow. Also, Python variables take up much more space than necessary because there are no data types, although you will never need a variable to Store the integer, 16, then the string, “Goodby Py”. Also, even if you do need that for some reason, Ruby offers it, too. I’m still not a fan of it, but at least Ruby makes it better because it doesn’t have other problems slowing it down. Ruby also is very readable, arguably easier to read than Python.


@Infinity True, but that could be replaced by a library in pretty much any language, or just by using Ruby.


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