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Is SoloLearn the best site for self-learning ?

I started learning to code on w3school, than on codecademy, but for now sololearning website is the most interesting to me. Is it the best ?

1/17/2018 6:06:48 PM

Filip Kovacevic

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I prefer websites like or books because they have more information about the subject.


If you ask me ... There is no one best resource. But, sololearn is the best way to practice and learn on mobile, out in the world. I have bits of downtime at work and between gigs, and I love sololearn for that.


Today when I was exploring the Internet and I found something that may help you with your question "why". It was "Comparison is a thief of joy". Knowledge is an ocean. You should take information from everywhere. There are plethora of ways available for information. Try not to judge because if you'll judge then you will not focus on the information you want rather you'll focus on sites available for your information and you'll think that "this site is surely wrong, it'll give me wrong information".


I've only one thing to say "Please don't compare" that's all.



yes of course. it is the best app for self learning


Why do you think so ??


hi filip, hope u remember me? wanted to ask you if you also learn at a physical it company or just self learning?