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Comment master

hi how can I unlock the "comment master" badge??? it says:"leave 5 comments in a lesson/quize with at least 5 upvotes each" and I left 6 comment in lessons with 20 upvotes each!!!! but it's still locked!!!

1/16/2018 9:13:55 PM

Sergeant J

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Report this bug through feedback... I did the same, badge arrived in 2 weeks.


I do not understand your letter, but I consider it based on what I understand in English that you are good and successful in what you do. That's why I give you likes at all :). Hello from Serbia! Thanks for help.


Or email it like I did, and get your badge the next day 😁


let me rephrase it to be more clear.l mention the study group were the community sololearn can help each other with a question or a challenge.hello serbia from NY.


You should give a feedback


congrats for comment badge!!!


gz for comment badge, archievement hustler 😂