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How to delete my codes?

I don't want some codes to be shown in my timeline 😀,.

22nd Sep 2017, 6:28 PM
Bijay Shah
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In the list of codes, click on three dots and select "Delete"😊 But you can make them private, if you do not want others to see them😊
22nd Sep 2017, 6:41 PM
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Black US, the website also has this option😊
1st May 2018, 11:55 PM
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or you can turn off the icon for publishing the code publicaly
8th Oct 2017, 6:41 AM
Ankush Kumar
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Yes, make it non public and you will fine 😁👍
8th Oct 2017, 8:02 PM
⏩▶Clau◀⏪ - avatar
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As far as i know you can only delete your code through the smartphone app, you can't do it via your PC.
1st May 2018, 8:14 PM
Italo Oliveira
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