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Please tell me some challenges to do while learning web development.

13th Sep 2017, 6:56 AM
pratham verma
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You can make your own website, say e-commerce, you can look at simulating any one module say, shopping cart. You should offer the user to add items to the cart, edit number of items, delete items, clear cart, etc. These are just few, you can add many more operations that you can think of. Start with something small and gradually increase the number of modules.
13th Sep 2017, 7:48 AM
Apoorva Shenoy Nayak
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what @Apoorva said. that will greatly polish your web dev skills
13th Sep 2017, 7:51 AM
Mubashir Ahmed
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Do html challenges here to get a good grasp of the tags.. Then make your own sample simple sites using the knowledge you have.
13th Sep 2017, 7:06 AM
Daniel Hisa (1,2,3, Let'sCode!)
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be creative and try to create something like building simple website and next day try to add something to it. also read a lot to get new knowledge.
13th Sep 2017, 8:46 AM
Abdimajid Hussein Awed
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