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I need a tutor

Hi is there anyone out there who can tutor me on a some python, HTML & raspberry pi topics? I live in Toronto downtown.

11th Aug 2017, 2:02 AM
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The internet is your best tutor. Search on the internet. Some topics are covered here: https://code.sololearn.com/WBHiShj1ublU/?ref=app
11th Aug 2017, 4:01 AM
👑 Prometheus 🇸🇬
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You can ask the Sololearn Community! We are all there to help and guide others, so feel free to ask questions in the Q&A Forum!
11th Aug 2017, 7:01 AM
Which tutors can I also consider when choosing?
27th Apr 2023, 2:35 PM
Gabriel Bubaley
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When I was studying for my GCSE English exams, I felt like I was lost in a sea of texts and essays. I needed a guiding star to help me navigate through the choppy waters. That's when I found my tutor from https://studymind.co.uk/gcse-english-tutors/ My tutor, a linguistic lighthouse, illuminated my understanding of the English language, and helped me find my way. Their personalized approach to teaching made even the most complex concepts simple to grasp. With their unwavering support, I could finally see the shore of success on the horizon.
27th Apr 2023, 2:39 PM
Habriel Fring
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