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I hope that the SoloLearn administration will allow participants to retake completed courses again, with the course points deleted, so that we can study the course more than once and our interaction with the site will be more enjoyable.

22nd Jun 2024, 2:54 PM
Qutaba Qais Mahmood
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Go to Learn section, select the course you want to redo, click the 3-dots menu in the top, click "Restart course". Also, you DO NOT NEED TO RESTART a course. You can re-read all lessons that you already have completed without resetting.
22nd Jun 2024, 3:57 PM
Lisa - avatar
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I think for some members, starting over from scratch might be the preferred choice. This method could remove distractions, allowing for more focus and easier to track progress. Also, successfully completing the process again may bring a sense of accomplishment.
22nd Jun 2024, 10:04 PM
Chris Coder
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