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python3 or c++

which one of them is better(python3 or c++)

19th Jun 2024, 7:10 PM
Destiny Dimnic
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Depends what you're going to be creating. In my experience python is good if you create lots of different projects, it is also less tricky than c++ (and more user friendly). However you will find that c++ tends to run faster (if used correctly) and is good for creating software. I dont have top notch experience with c++ yet but with c++ you can also do lots of technical things python finds harder to do. Python also has "modules" which is good if you're intending and doing different things (such as swapping from data science to web design). Hope this helped.
20th Jun 2024, 3:39 PM
Sean Miles
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none is better. programming languages are just tools.
19th Jun 2024, 7:11 PM
Lisa - avatar
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yeah thaks
20th Jun 2024, 7:51 PM
Destiny Dimnic
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19th Jun 2024, 10:29 PM
Destiny Dimnic
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Depends on what is the task
20th Jun 2024, 1:34 PM
Paweł Dudek
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It depends on you whom you can learn
20th Jun 2024, 5:21 PM
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