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C# Module 23 Question

I don't understand what it is this question is asking us to do. Is it asking us to replace the values that are multiples of three with "*"? If so, why are numbers listed that aren't multiples of 3 in the output? "Multiple of 3 You are an elementary school teacher and explaining multiplication to students. You are going to use multiplication by 3 as your example. The program you are given takes N number as input. Write a program to output all numbers from 1 to N, replacing all numbers that are multiples of 3 by "*". Sample Input 7 Sample Output 12*45*7"

29th Jun 2022, 10:14 PM
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Your program is to print out the consecutive numbers, up through the input number. Before it prints each number the program must detect whether the number is a multiple of 3. If so, then it must print * instead of the number. Otherwise it should print the number because it is not a multiple of 3. Non-multiples of 3 are included in the output so the students can focus on the position of the asterisks (*) and see where multiples of 3 fit in. It is educational for them to see and recognize the numeric spacing.
30th Jun 2022, 12:08 AM
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