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realtime update in node and react app with socket io

I have a device called Node MCQ from which when I call I will add some items to a table in the database and a room will be created then I will check the status from that result and show a result in UI as the inserted room will be red otherwise the room will be green. I want to use React Node Socket Io technology and the database will be MSSQL. anyone can give me some hints how to implement this problem ?

28th Sep 2021, 6:16 AM
ZaMan Ra Been
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Have a look at this tutor, I think you gonna find what you're searching for : https://dev.to/omardiaa48/how-to-make-realtime-apis-with-nodejs-and-reactjs-using-socket-io-6ja
20th Oct 2021, 7:13 AM
hassan tajiri
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