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Hi! I solve tasks in the code trainer and when the code is validated, the input and output are validated in the first tests these tests have a description. And there are hidden tests that sometimes fail and show no errors. How do you know what the error is if there is no error description in these tests?

10th Sep 2020, 3:55 PM
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Follow all instructions which is mentioned in problem . And make according to input format and what is expecting Output.
10th Sep 2020, 4:08 PM
A S Raghuvanshi
A S Raghuvanshi - avatar
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Ideally those test cases should also have been hidden. All the required information about the input and output(with example) is already provided to you in the question and your program/algorithm should generate a correct answer for all the test cases till the time the input is correct.
10th Sep 2020, 4:09 PM
Arsenic - avatar
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Read the description carefully... Analyse the different possible test cases.. You should think like a tester...
10th Sep 2020, 4:11 PM
Jayakrishna 🇮🇳