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What can I lose by uninstalling the SoloLearn app?

I'm thinking of doing it to solve a problem and then reinstalling it. I know the progress and profile stuff is stored on a server, but I don't know if the app also stores something on my phone (like number of days of continuous connection or other more important thing), which would be lost by uninstalling the app. Does anyone know?

1st Aug 2020, 1:36 PM
Javier Ballesteros
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You won't lose anything by removing and restoring the app. It's the same as if you installed the app on a new phone after being active from an older phone.
1st Aug 2020, 3:17 PM
David Carroll
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I don't know much about it..but I guess if we sign out from the account and then uninstall it..it will save the progress of all including the current streak.. but I'm not sure..I should try it now :D
1st Aug 2020, 1:48 PM
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I think it affect only your daily streak but i am not sure
1st Aug 2020, 1:52 PM
Harsh - avatar
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This (daily streak) should be stored server-side too. I don't think you'll lose anything, unless you don't have stored courses locally and don't want to download them again (what's of almost no relevance since they are really small).
1st Aug 2020, 2:42 PM
Sandra Meyer
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