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Any one can teach me java,

I am a cs student

7th Jul 2019, 2:05 PM
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Here are some best tips to learn Java fast 😃 👉 learn/practice everyday 👉 Take Java quizzes everyday 👉 Do Java challenges (don't worry if you lose, you will learn from your mistakes) 👉 Plug Java codes to your project 👉 watch video ( I watch it on YouTube) 👉 Don't Rush while you learning 👉 write important codes in a separate paper, so you can use it if you need help And finally, look at comments section after you finish a section in java lesson (in sololearn) 😁WE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU 😁
7th Jul 2019, 2:21 PM
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Yes we can u just discuss the topic that u find a bit typical and we will help u get it.
7th Jul 2019, 2:57 PM
Piyush Srivastava
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