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Single Byte Xor Encryption (Python3)

Hello, I'm in the middle of a CTF challenge and im tasked to decode a string encoded with single byte xor encryption. The hint i've got is that the key is in the form of "CTF{32-HEX}". I found the encoding key and managed to decode the string (my code is not working on sololearn) but my output looks like: "CTF{‼a7bf12f9ǰ53a95‼7‼75ff1a‼2DZ5993DZ}". So i'm kinda confused, my key seems correct because the CTF part and it's brackets are visible but i also got some non-ascii characters hence my answer is incorrect. Any ideas? Starting encoded string: "ÓÄÖë€ñ§òö¡¢ö©Š¥£ñ©¥€§€§¥öö¡ñ€¢š¥©©£ší". Thanks in advance.

5th Apr 2019, 8:15 PM
Thanos A.
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Well i did good not removing it since i got at least one suggestion for a solution :P My string decodes successfully except three characters that remain problematic.
21st Apr 2019, 8:03 PM
Thanos A.
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Kleise to sololearn ke pame fortnite
5th May 2019, 11:27 PM
Alexadros Gotsis
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