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A progrming language made with other language can be defined as a Programming language?

I made a console compiler which translate my programming language into html,css & js, Console is made in C# There is a guy who say that my language is not a programming language just a translator, and programming languages should be made in bynary. My language can be a programming language or i just made a "translator"? Thanks

12th Aug 2018, 11:43 AM
Marc Espín
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I don't know if youre language is a real programming language, but: There are many, so called programming languages that don't be made in binary. And there are languages that compiles to binary and many are just interpreter. So if youre language compiles to a executable code it may be a programming language - just as TypeScript. That compile TS-code to JavaScript ...
12th Aug 2018, 12:14 PM
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A language should have vocabularies (keywords and other words) and syntax (ways to put those words together to make sentenses, or meaningful statements). Programming language is a language that can be consistently converted into machine commands so that we can control what the machine will do. You will need a translator (compiler: convert your whole program in one time and you can execute it then, or interpreter: convert each statement into machine commands, execute them, then continue the same things with other statements). So, your programming language is called a programming language when it has at least two things mentioned above.
12th Aug 2018, 1:16 PM
Rocky Lee
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