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Difference between cout and cin?

28th Oct 2015, 4:43 PM
SAKET VERMA - avatar
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cout means output ,cin means input . you are entering something if you use cin , and you are taking results from computer with cout :)
2nd Nov 2015, 7:28 PM
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cout is used to print something you want and cin is used to input value from users…...
19th Nov 2015, 5:23 PM
Sajid Ali
Sajid Ali - avatar
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cout stands for console output means something you want to show as output on console screen, cin stands for console input used when you need to take input from user on console screen
3rd Apr 2016, 6:48 AM
Arman Khan
Arman Khan - avatar
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cout is like printf in c, cin is like scanf
3rd Feb 2016, 12:32 PM
Prasannakumar naik
Prasannakumar naik - avatar
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Cout stands for Compiler out, which is basically the functions that prints out something, Cin stands for Compiler in, which is the functions that allows you to input some information.
22nd Oct 2016, 1:46 PM
Nareg - avatar
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cout means output for user cin means input for user
15th Feb 2017, 7:18 AM
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cout means output .in C language we hav printf to print the output whereas c++ offers cout in the place of printf . cin means scanf in c language here we use cin instead of scanf to read the data. cout=displays output. cin=reads our input
14th Jun 2016, 9:56 AM
anirudh - avatar
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cout = output cin =input so they are the exact opposite
18th Jul 2016, 5:59 AM
_Geometry dash_ _Roh_ (AKA NovaRate0315)
_Geometry dash_ _Roh_ (AKA NovaRate0315) - avatar
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cout means output and cin means input when u use cout it will print the answer while cin command will ask the user to input the no. or character...
10th Feb 2017, 1:35 PM
utsav pachouri
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im gonna say it simple, if you put cin (ex. number) it's gonna ask you to put a number cout is only to read yoru function
31st Mar 2016, 7:46 AM
Dimitry - avatar
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Cout is what the programm is putting out for example: cout << "Type whatever key" << endl; Cin would be the user typing in whatever key. Basically (I hope i'm right) cout is what the program puts out and cin is what it receives.
17th Apr 2016, 7:04 AM
TheTop 5
TheTop 5 - avatar
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cout stands for C(c language)-out(put) so it outputs something and cin stands for C(c language)-in(put) so it "takes" and stores values.
29th May 2016, 10:03 AM
Panagiotis Iatrou
Panagiotis Iatrou - avatar
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7th Jul 2016, 7:19 AM
Christian Roos
Christian Roos - avatar
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cin is use for enter the any value like integer,float,string..... cout it use for represnting your input when use cin and cout it before it input #include<iostream.h> because. first leter of iostream in 'i' its indecates "input stream file" and second leter is indecates 'o' is "output stream file".
7th Aug 2016, 6:03 PM
rahul lunagariya
rahul lunagariya - avatar
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Cout - It is related to Output means print something on screen Cin - It is related to Input means take keyboard input from user
8th Feb 2017, 4:44 PM
Yash - avatar
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cout output when cin input
13th Feb 2017, 8:23 AM
Ali Dura
Ali Dura - avatar
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