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Future programmer :D

So guys i wanted to ask you this if i want to concentrate on my future as a game developer what language should i go i learned the basics of c and c++ so should i go java or c#. And please leave a encouraging comment on what it is to be a programmer and what does life teach you about and you know guys did you make any sacrifices and so on ... etc .

5th Dec 2016, 1:43 AM
Marko Majstorovic
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I'm not a full fledged game developer, but intend to be, so I hope I qualify to answer this question. My suggestion is you improve your skills in c++, and then learning java or c# will be a piece of cake. There are two ways to develop games, make your games from scratch using APIs like OpenGL and DirectX, or use existing game engines which has all the rendering, physics, maths already built for you. When I started, I tried to study OpenGL API, but it was really hard as you don't get a visual feedback of what you are doing for a very long time. (if you want to try, go ahead). So I started with learning unity game engine and suprisingly, it showed me what I was doing in OpenGL visually which helped me a lot the next time I started learning OpenGL. My advice, start learning the basics of a game engine( unity or unreal), learn what goes into making them (graphics, physics, maths, etc) and then continue on with that engine to make full fledged games. You have chosen an awesome career. All the best..😁
5th Dec 2016, 2:23 AM
Nikunj Arora
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I suggest master your C++ skills first - basic knowledge is not enough. Go and try to make simple less powerful GUI chess application. Make other small application using multi threading in C++. This will setup a platform for you to be the large scale game developer. Later you can decide on which platform you want to make your game. If you are interested in Android, then go with Java. Happy learning:)
5th Dec 2016, 3:32 AM
Ashish M