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Binding in javaFX

I tried assigning the value of a doublProperry to a variable like this. DoubleProperty x; Pane pp=new Pane(); x.bind(pp.widthProperty.divide(4)); double y=x.getValue(); But it's seems not work cos when I printed the value on screen, (System.out.print(y)) it gives 0(zero)..pls I nid help ASAP. THANKS GUYS

10th May 2017, 2:06 PM
Ridwan - avatar
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You should publish your code at the playground. It's impossible to find a solution without knowing any details.
10th May 2017, 7:10 PM
Tashi N
Tashi N - avatar
What is the width of the pane? Maybe 0?
12th May 2017, 5:35 AM
1of3 - avatar