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Idea for sololearn

why doesn't sololearn make a ranking for the people with the most victories or with the most certificates?

1st Dec 2023, 4:29 PM
Luca Magrini
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The main purpose of this platform is for learning. We already have leagues that are similiar, but anything more than that may be an overkill. Certificate count should not matter, but rather what you do with the knowledge you've learned which achieving it. But if you're really adamant about it, email [email protected] to suggest it.
1st Dec 2023, 4:50 PM
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I have to agree with Justice on this - it's bad enough people begging for badges without adding more levels of competition. The goal of those using the site (and app) should be personal learning and increasing knowledge and skill, not racing through courses without really understanding them just to rank higher.
1st Dec 2023, 4:57 PM
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Main goal of the sololearn is only using mobile anyone can learn coding that too free of cost. -> Motivate user to improve skills, get knowledge and share that knowledge with the community. -> Also sololearn provides you to showcase your skills through code. -> If it's about competition then challenges,contest, events, leaderboard,xp,badges are enough for healthy competition. -> Certificate is just to show their progress in learning also it will encourage to learn more.
1st Dec 2023, 6:29 PM
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